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Boiler Shildon is helping families with a Free Boiler, Boiler Grants, Free Boiler Grants, New Boiler or Boiler Repair. Check if you are eligible for a boiler grants.

If you haven’t already heard of the 2021 Governments ECO Scheme in Shildon, you may be interested to learn that qualifying homeowners in Shildon can have their old inefficient boiler replaced free of charge, or heavily subsidised. 

If you qualify for the scheme, Replacement Boiler Grants will take the hassle out of making arrangements, by organising the installation of a brand new boiler in conjunction with an approved local company – completely free of charge!

FREE Boiler

FREE Boiler

Boiler Grants funding is currently available for gas boilers, oil boilers, lpg boilers, oil boilers and electric storage heaters.

New Boiler

New Boiler

A new boiler quote in Shildon, replacing your old boiler from trusted local firm. No hidden costs. New gas boilers, oil boilers, lpg boilers, oil boilers and electric storage heaters.

Boiler Repairs


Is your boiler in a need of rapair, we can help with our local our professional engineers. 

Do you qualify for a free boiler in Shildon?

Child Tax Credits
Working Tax Credits 
Child Benefits
Disability Allowance
Pension Credits
Income-Related ESA 
Income-Related JSA
Universal Credit

Do you receive income-related benefits in Shildon, such as tax credits, income support, ESA or JSA? If so, you could potentially have your old boiler replaced with a brand new one for little to no cost.

As well as having the required combination of benefits, your current boiler should be more than 5 years old. If it is not, the scheme assumes that it would be more cost-effective to repair your current boiler rather than replace it.

Some benefits mean you will qualify for a boiler grant automatically. With others, you may need to have an extra qualifying component. These include being of a certain age or being responsible for a child under the age of 16. 

If you don’t claim any benefits, you could still consider paying monthly for your new boiler.

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